I started in this wonderful world of painting as soon as I graduated in Fine Arts. I start with the oil and the still lifes, I’ve heard that they were very intimate, right. I think everyone has a piece of my soul in them !! I have also painted landscapes, all with the first spot made in situ, some finishes also there, in the field or garden because I had a lot of fun introducing myself to quick painting contests. Some other selected prize !!

I exhibited in several galleries in Madrid, with unexpected success!
I discover the nude with a model, with short poses, in the studio of a painter friend of mine and that’s where I was thrown, it was like eating pipes, you can not stop, Exciting! Watercolor, pastel, charcoal, ink … the first thing at hand was worth.

Then, I started to investigate other techniques such as mixed media and collage. I liked to compose with all the papers I had in the studio. I had to give them life

This world does not stop me, you always learn something new !!


I have exhibited my work several times, in Nolde Gallery, Blau Gallery, Irigoyen Gallery, etc. I was quite successful and prepared upcoming exhibitions.

My work has been recognized on several occasions, such as the “The Point of the Arts” Trophy mentions in the Diaz Caneja Prize, or outstanding participation in the Painting Prize of the Royal Spanish Canine Society.

In this place, I will report my next awards and exhibitions.